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Ahhhhhh yes, the infamous Beast aka 4C's Barrington & Beauty's Beast.  Registered Gypsy Gelding.  Former 'Gelding of the Month' on the Gypsy Gelding Fan Club Group on Facebook, winner of my heart and such a comical, playful boy.  Three in March, he drives team and I've started riding him lightly.  This year we will do some light trail riding and finish up his driving training by going single.  To see more pictures of our horses go to our Show Results page link on the left.

About us:

I've been showing horses for 40 years, starting with Arabians at halter then going on the quarter horse and International Buckskin Horse Association show circuit.  I've always loved draft horses shires and purchased my first shire Guinevere in 2001, hoping to do some lower level dressage with her.  At the time I still had my quarter horse Pico and a Belgian named Major.  I've always loved the big boned draft horses and with Major I wanted to do some lower level dressage also.  He was a great riding horse, but was getting up there in years, as was Pico, so I donated Major to Tambourine Vaulters in Santa Rosa, CA where I lived.  Many children fell deeply in love with Major as his job was to babysit and allow the youngest vaulters to learn on him.  He lived and breathed children until he passed at a ripe old age.

I moved to Parker, Colorado in December of 2011, bringing Pico and Guinevere with me.  It was a long trip and Pico was already 28 years of age.  However he was sound and healthy and gave lessons to the smallest of children helping with their walk/trot skills.  He passed naturally at the ripe old age of 29.  I had him since he was 4, I still miss him to this day.

Then I purchased Emma, my big 17.2 shire mare who was the ultimate 'Prima Dona' of the pasture, the princess who had to be loaded in the trailer first, the 'hot' shire that wouldn't be live covered by another shire stallion, but I loved her.  She came to me at 4 years of age, knowing nothing, she had to be sedated to trim her hooves before she left Idaho.  Her head had grown into her halter and it had to be cut off and the sores doctored.  She became my 'show' horse, I showed and trained her myself in halter and driving.  We did parades, I trail rode her and she foaled several gorgeous sporthorses for me and I loved her dearly.  Unfortunately I made the hard decision to put her down in October of 2013 because of a foot condition that would not get any better.  It broke my heart, but I wasn't going to let her suffer any longer.

So now I have Beast and Pippen, my imported Drum Horse mare.  Pippen is now 17 and has the biggest heart and is the sweetest mare I've ever known. She rides and drives and assists me in training Beast to drive, much to her chagrin I'm sure.   I still own Guinevere, however my good friend Lisa has been using Guinevere for riding and driving the last couple of years and is taking really great care of Guinevere.  Guinevere will be 21 this year and is the shire equivalent of Pippen.

I don't know if I'll own another shire, I would like to think I will, but we'll see what the future holds.  No more breeding, so for now, I'll love my big boned 16.2h drum mare and my mischievous gypsy gelding Beast.  I'll show them as much as I can afford in driving, riding and halter and have fun with them.

If you are looking for quality Shires to add to your family, I know of a wonderful breeder that lives nearby that was my mentor for over 10 years.  She taught me so much about Shires and showing them, I will never be able to repay her.  Contact Kim Murchison at Tally Ho Shires for some of the best bred and cared for shires you've ever seen. 

Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the incredible world of the shire draft horse.

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